Artist Marion Samways sitting on a chair with the words "breaking the rules".

collage, original art, giclée prints and commissions by visual artist marion samways.

Art is Alchemy which transforms and elevates our mood and interior space. The mental and emotional benefits of art for both the viewer and the artist are powerful – improving a home, head and heart through art is tangible and real.

Explore my portfolio and discover how art can enhance your life, elevate your space, and enrich your soul .

Art piece created by Marion called abstraction and created using decoupage
The word wall written in Marion's handwriting

Wall art can range from a painted canvas to framed art, collage, prints and beyond. Every home needs art and a wall is a great place to start.

The word biomorphic written in Marion's handwriting

Biomorphic, derived from the Greek words bios (life) & morphe (form) refers to Art that evokes or references living forms such as plants or the human body.

The word assemblage written in Marion's handwriting

Assemblage art is a work of art made from disparate elements. A combination of materials and objects scavenged by the artist or bought specifically.

The word functional written in Marion's handwriting

Functional art is about enhancing objects that are used in everyday life – aesthetic objects that serve a utilitarian purpose.

The word two-faced written in Marion's handwriting

Two Faced Art is how M categorises one piece of art which has two sides/faces. The unseen is as relevant as the seen. Process and balance are intrinsic to the art.

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An original Art piece called Liberty mounted in decoupaged frame


Original Art

Please enjoy looking at my original art created over the past five years. I hope see and feel some of the magic made from creating them. I believe magic follows emotion – my art is all about processing emotion.


Giclée Prints

Limited Edition Giclée Prints dispatched to your door within 48 hours. Certified and printed on fine art Hahnemühle 308gsm matt cotton photo rag paper.

A giclée print of an original piece of art called Back To Paper in very vibrant colours and when you click or hover the colours invert


Transposed Prints

Watch this Creative Space – colour playfulness in progress…

Beautifully decoupaged music chest designed and created to store all your favourite long play records


Creative collaborations inspire magic. Anything is possible – if you have an interior space, an idea, or an existing piece of furniture that you want given more heART and magic then ‘M’ would love to hear from you!

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36 Gifts For Friends Who Could Use A Random Pick-Me-Up, including my cute pocket sized ‘OLIVE YOU’ painted pebbles, 14th in the list.

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Marion's Artist Open House Events

simple black and white hand painted art piece having fun with the word perfection and instead says perfuction