Visual Artist Marion, who currently lives in London, is widely recognised for her diverse and innovative work. As a self-taught artist she holds core values of creativity, freedom, courage, compassion, and authenticity. She creates art whilst exploring and aligning with these values, igniting growth, curiosity, appreciation, and self-empowerment.

With over two decades of experience in creative design, Marion’s passion is driven by her innate desire to inspire and create resonance and joy in life. She firmly believes that art can elevate our mood and transform the space in which we live – that the impact of art on our homes, mind and spirit is undeniable.

“As an artist, I believe in the alchemy of art, the way it can touch and inspire the human spirit. It was through my art that I found myself “.

Marion’s creative portfolio spans across multiple mediums, demonstrating her distinctive artistic vision and fresh perspective. Her belief that people and their passions create the most magic is her philosophy that is eloquently reflected in her art. 

Marion has successfully transformed interior spaces, walls, floors, furniture and musical instruments using her creative vision and process for both private and corporate clients.

She happily accepts commissions whilst working full-time in her studio in London.  With Marion, the possibilities are boundless, and everything she creates is truly one-of-a-kind.